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Upgrade your doorbell transformer for Ring Pro Doorbell

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READ BELOW! Lots of information here not covered in the video. Since YouTube's update, it has removed my YouTube generated annotations.

YES I KNOW! At 1:08 it's 10 volt-amps (not just 10 amps) and at 1:29 it's 20 volt-amps (not just 20 amps)

Towards the end, my cat jumped on my back – hence the abrupt end. I mounted the transformer to the box using self tapping screws; I used a nail punch to make a detent in the box to ease drilling.

UPDATE!!! If you notice slower performance across your WiFi network after adding your Ring components, check the speed and the number of connected devices. You may have to upgrade your wifi router to something that can handle multiple devices simultaneously. I was surprised when I did a full inventory and noticed that 12 devices were connected to my wifi network. This explained the sometimes very slow Ring response times (not to mention some of my other devices something dropping wifi connections randomly).

So I bit the bullet and picked up a Linksys AC5400… slow response times across all devices are a thing of the past. And no, I don't work for Linksys or any of its affiliates.

The new 2016 Ring Pro doorbell requires the unit to be hardwired with a line voltage between 16 volts and 24 volts to operate properly. My original doorbell unit was only putting out 12 volts, causing the Ring Pro doorbell to work intermittently. I picked up this upgraded multi-voltage doorbell transformer from Lowe's for under $15.00 and wired it to provide a 16 volt/10VA output (good for a single mechanical chime system like mine; for more chimes or systems with higher draw, use 16 volt/30VA).

Check out my easy, quick fix to upgrade the line voltage of your current home doorbell.

Wiring: Connect black wire from transformer to your black wire household electric current (hot); white wire from transformer to white household wire (neutral); and finally, green wire to a ground (such as the metal casing of the wire box)

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